WIGHT Tri club members came together last weekend to clean up two Island beaches and surrounding areas.

A group of 22, comprised of club and family members, took part in a beach clean and litter pick around Totland Bay and Colwell Bay on Sunday September 27.

The team set off in small groups armed with bags and gloves. Totland and Colwell Bay have been popular destinations for Wight Tri members to swim as part of their triathlon training.

A spokesperson for Wight Tri said: "A substantial amount of rubbish was collected, including discarded fishing weights, lines and hooks, large rubber mats, large boxes and the usual crisp packets and drink cans.

"On a positive note, collecting these items has prevented them going into the sea and cleared surrounding hedgerows, green spaces and footpaths, thereby helping to protect our sea life and wildlife from the harm littering causes.

"Thank you to the Isle of Wight Council for collecting and disposing of the gathered rubbish."

Wight Tri members hope to repeat the successful venture at other Island locations in the coming months.