I wish to thank Philip Dow of the Nisa shop in Gurnard.

Thank you Philip so much for your dedicated service to Gurnard villagers and all the folks rich and poor who came from all over the Island to the shop.

You and Catherine have done an amazing job to carry on the business after your grandparents, then your mum and dad.

I have known you for a long time you are always kind, considerate and interested in your customers, and possibly know everyone by name. The service we have had in your shop Philip, does not exist anymore,

Nothing was to much trouble for you. In the later years you became so tired and yet you still stayed open till 8pm every night.

I know you have not had a day off or a holiday, except for two weeks with bronchitis, in 37 years.

When your mum died, you closed the shop for two hours for the funeral.

They don’t make ‘em like you anymore.

All through the snow of 2010, when the village was cut off for five days, you made it to work every day and kept us all going in groceries and spirit (not only the alcoholic kind).

You have been amazing during the coronavirus — no lockdown, no closing, just dedication to your customers...it’s been business as usual.

We all wish you a wonderful retirement, we will never forget you. Think of all the golfing, you can now go hail rain or snow.

A quiet walk along the front of Gurnard to Cowes is something we all take for granted, sit in the pub till … forever, with no work in the morning.

You have done an amazing job Philip, your mum and dad will be very proud of you, and the villagers proud to have known you.

We all wish you a very happy retirement.

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