How to Design a Floating Bridge. 101.

Step 1. Decide what you want.

Base this design as closely as you can, on something that already works.

Step2. Measure the width of the river and the slope of the approach ramps.

Step 3. See if this basic design fits and modify the design until it does.

Step 4. Start construction.

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Its inability to dock without the assistance of an expensive tug, the damage to cars on the ramp and the wading of passengers through cold seawater would seem to indicate Steps 2 and 3 were never even considered.

The public have been and will continue to bear the costs and inconvenience of something that at the most basic level is unfit for purpose.

The lack of transparency has led to a suspicion that it was never even designed for our river.

The continuous breakdowns would also point to manufacturing faults.

The council are now taking legal action.

Is it by accident or design that they have minimised any chance of success by waiting three and a half years from its arrival and publicly and repeatedly insisting that it is nothing short of wonderful?