As the County Press stated last week, the IW Hunt Ltd directors, Antony Blest and John Curtis, by allowing the dogs to bark and/or howl, caused a statutory nuisance.

Some years ago, (as shown in the CP archives) the hunt was taken to court for the exactly the same offence.

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The hunt had their fine reduced on the basis that they agreed to obtain planning to build an acoustically soundproofed building to solve the problem.

The kennel building was built but never soundproofed.

The noise therefore comes through the non-soundproofed kennel roof at night, seven days a week.

During the day, the dogs become noisy when they are disturbed by the horses, bikes and walkers that pass on the bridleway next to their compound.

The noise has got progressively worse over the years, not helped by the recent high staff turnover and random voluntary helpers.

Please note, this is nothing to do with people’s thoughts about hunting, this is about, unacceptable continual noise nuisance of 60 sizeable dogs which has now been proved in court.

An “accommodation” was reached at court last week, and the hunt was not fined. This surely makes a mockery of the law?

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