As of Sunday, the lease runs out for the current operators of Browns Golf Course and Cafe..

The current leaseholders have shown loyal dedication to Browns for the last seven years, upgrading the surrounds of the course and modernising and improving the popular cafe too.

Browns is again the friendly and popular family golfing and the social venue it was since 1932.

How the County Press first reported the Browns closure.

I understand that the Isle of Wight Council only offered a short lease for one year. This is not enough to plan and make a profitable business plan going into the future.

To do this, a contract of at least several years would be necessary. The current operators have done a great job and the course and cafe is popular with thousands of Islanders and visitors alike.

If your readers would like the IW Council to rethink this closure, please sign the petition on and/or e-mail Isle of Wight Council leader, David Stewart, at