There has been more than one story on the fixed link recently and as usual there are polarised views of those both for and against it.

Why are people wasting their breath when it is not even possible to sort out crossing the Medina?

I don’t think you would find a single person against building a bridge across the Medina to resolve the floating bridge debacle.

Even if the ferry was reliable, the extreme tides in the area mean there will always be disruption to the service, so why not build a bridge?

Why not get a campaign going for something worthwhile and actually achievable?

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Talking about crossing the Solent is one thing but a good cricketer could throw a ball across the Medina and still this cannot be resolved!

With the St Mary’s debacle nearing ‘completion’ and the projected increase in population in the St Mary’s area if or when the old prison is redeveloped, it is vital that a reliable crossing for East to West Cowes in put in place and yet this seems to be a pipe dream impossible to achieve!