A MOTHER has warned of the danger of leaving football nets out in the garden overnight, after a fox got tangled up and died in one in her neighbour's garden.

The woman, of Cowes, issued a warning and said it was not just a danger to foxes and wildlife, but pets such as cats and dogs too.


She said: "If you have a football net and you leave it out there is a chance an animal could get itself tangled up in it, causing horrible and sometimes fatal injuries.

"This poor little fox was found this morning (Sunday) in a neighbouring garden.

"A totally horrendous accident that could have been avoided if people were to know about the dangers.

"Unfortunately this fox's injuries were fatal. It became badly tangled within the abdominal area and legs.

Isle of Wight County Press:

"As some animals are nocturnal, they can become trapped and struggle all night and so by the time they are found in the morning, they can have very serious injuries.

"For those that survive they often need veterinary treatment.

"Some people might not think much of wild animals, but these types of fatal accidents can, and do, happen to cats and dogs too.

"So, next time the kids finish playing football, please remove the netting."

She said the fox was removed before any children saw it, but it could have been a traumatic find for a child.