AN ISLE of Wight war veteran has launched a fundraiser in a bid to establish a veterans' hub.

Dale Hillier, 58, is concerned there is a dearth of services for veterans on the Island, and is looking to establish and run a seven-day veterans hub ­— a place for veterans to fraternise and share experiences.

Dale, who has previously raised funds for charities such as Forgotten Veterans, has set a target of £300,000, which he says will be enough to set up a premises and hire staff.

"There are a lot of veterans taking their own lives at the minute," said Dale.

"You've got some who are looking at square walls all day, living in isolation with nowhere to turn.

"I still suffer myself ­— I have to take medicine to stop the flashbacks."

Dale served his country during the Falklands in 1982, where he was stationed on the HMS Intrepid.

He experienced air raids seven days a week and his vessel was hit by a bomb ­— one which fortunately did not explode.

"One of our scariest hours was when we pulled casualties and bodies off the RFA Sir Galahad," said Dale.

"This caused me to experienced flashbacks, nightmares, depression and anxiety.

"But I am not alone in this situation, and there are many more veterans suffering the same way."

You can make a donation toward Dale's cause by visiting