From Liz Simpson, Wroxall:

A move to the the Island in 2018 has brought me such joy, I can’t tell you! I absolutely love it here!

Two years on, I proudly tell family, friends and visitors that the Island has SO much to offer us.

In fact, I harp on about it quite a lot, especially to people who sometimes rudely ask me why on earth I came here.

In particular, I love to go on about the provenance and quality of our Island food, the artisan outlets that sell it or serve it, not forgetting the quirky shops that promote and sell all manner of goods produced by Islanders. Christmas and birthday shopping is easy, as everyone gets a part of what the Island produces.

So passionate have I been about the IW that a friend from the mainland bought me the Nammet Book, a Celebration of IOW Food and Drink and together we are ticking off (and collecting signatures!) as we explore and forage the Island.

To cut to the chase, an Overner or even a Grockle I may be but nevertheless, I am a huge promoter and supporter of local, Island businesses.

My question to some of the businesses is this — Is your business committed to supporting the locals and do you put us first?

Let me elaborate.

In a nutshell, my garden desperately needs some TLC.

It’s not huge, in fact, quite moderate, but it needs landscaping with some decorative features maybe. I’m realistic about the cost and have been saving up.

Since May, I have contacted numerous landscapers/ landscape gardeners/ garden designers — many have not even bothered to respond.

I have eagerly agreed to appointments, where some either don’t turn up or after a promise to submit a design/quote, are never heard from again.

Worse still, I wasted ten weeks discussing a garden project with one highly reputable, ‘garden design’ company, agreeing to exclusively give them my business, only to be let down at the last minute. Reference was cheekily made to more lucrative work becoming available on the mainland, being the culprit!

Neighbours, acquaintances and even strangers have told me again and again that I would be let down. Disappointingly, they were right.

Is it fair we should be reminded repeatedly to support our local Island businesses but not expect the same loyalty and commitment from some, in return?


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