From D. Wilson, Newport:

The council’s campaign to reduce litter is to be welcomed but it seems to me that fine words from County Hall are not matched by its own actions.

Is this not the council that, at a stroke of an accountant’s pen, shut the household amenity centre at Forest Road a few years ago and, more recently, reduced the hours in which residents could deposit their waste at Lynnbottom? Neither measure is likely to result in a tidier Island.

And furthermore, the County Press has diligently reported recent budget cuts that reduce litter picking, bin emptying and street cleansing – again all steps that can only encourage the accumulation of rubbish in our towns and countryside.

Talking of waste, it seems the council is still paying its consultant Jay Jayasundara up to £20,000 a month (yes a month!) to come up with these money-saving, litter-creating ideas.

All in all, it bears all the hallmarks of another classic case of ‘do as I say, not as I do’ from County Hall.

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