A DRUNKEN Newport woman who attacked two police officers — slapping one in the face and kicking the other in the stomach repeatedly — was told the prospect of going behind bars will be considered, when she appeared at the IW Magistrates' Court on Tuesday.

Lara White, of New Street, Newport, admitted assaulting PC Rachael Allan and PC James Holden in Wellesley Way, Newport, on the evening of May 18.

The officers were called following a report of a fight breaking out there.

On their arrival, White, 25, with no previous convictions, was sitting in a car and started to scream and swear at the officers.

As the officers went over to speak to White, her boyfriend, Carl Michael Trott, initially directed them to her to "sort her out", but then tried to intervene, said Liz Miller, prosecuting.

Trott, 26, who lives with White and who appeared in court with her, subsequently admitted obstructing police officers in the execution of their duty.

Meanwhile, White lashed out at PC Holden, slapping him in the face.

She then leaned back in the car and kicked PC Allan in the stomach ten times as Trott was being restrained.

Once arrested, White continued her tirade of abuse towards officers and directed a homophobic insult at PC Wheeler at Newport Police Station, added Miss Miller.

Both also admitted using threatening words and behaviour towards police officers during the incident.

White later showed remorse for her actions, while Trott said his were justified.

Trott was on a probation order, imposed in July last year, when the offences took place.

For both, James Cameron said White drank five bottles of beer and that she was going through a difficult time following the death of her father last year.

"She regrets the injuries she caused to the officer and is ashamed. Anger can come out in a strange way, with bereavement," said Mr Cameron.

Regarding Trott, unemployed, Mr Cameron said his client's instinct was to get between the police and his girlfriend and he lost his temper.

Trott had only completed 49 of the 80 hours handed out on his probation order and his engagement was unsatisfactory, said the probation official.

Trott's probation order was superceded with a 12-month order to complete 100 hours, with £85 costs and a £95 victim surcharge.

Magistrates ordered a report on White, with the prospect of imprisonment an option when she is sentenced on October 2.

Presiding magistrate, Gordon Cooper, told White: "The officers were doing their duty to keep the peace, so what you did was hugely serious, being as drunk as you were."