I FIND it hard to believe both Red Funnel and Wightlink could get things so disastrously wrong.

After a long lockdown, the government’s easing of restrictions to coincide with the start of the summer holidays gave a glimmer of hope for the Island’s economy.

In fact for the month of August, the Island was the busiest it has been for a long time.

With the children finally going back to school in September, the bank holiday weekend signalled the end of the season.

Added to that the unofficial scooter rally and a plethora of cyclists, it would seem to be extremely unfortunate to have to take ferries out of service.

The problem with both ferry companies has been exacerbated by their refusal to return to normal trading regarding the sale of tickets, particularly when so many businesses have made such an effort.

Haven’t they heard that they can do what so many others are doing and erect screens at the point of sale?

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Unfortunately, this intransigent behaviour is playing right into the hands of the fixed link lobby.

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