I AM absolutely outraged that yet again this council is trying to destroy our businesses our visitor income and our mental health and well being.

The plan for parking meters along Gurnard seafront from Woodvale Road as far as Egypt Point will drive the motorist to park in other residential areas, namely Gurnard village and surrounding streets, which in turn moves the parking onto someone else’s doorstep.

Our local economic recovery is extremely fragile and a move to put our village shops and local pubs out of business is scandalous.

We should encourage people to shop local not deter them.

Our businesses have struggled during Covid they need to be supported by the IW Council not find themselves under threat of financial ruin because of the needless introduction of parking meters.

The cost of these meters will be between £4,500 and £5,000 each, however the cost of replacement and repair — oh, yes we’ve all heard the floating bridge saga of replacement and repair costing thousands and thousands of pounds — this will follow the same financial woes.

Princes Esplanade and Egypt Esplanade has no beach or breakwater, high tide comes right to the sea wall and consequently when we have storms, the sea is brutal.

The spray from the breaking waves is between 10ft and 20ft high it floods the pavements and the road leaving rocks, shingle and debris in its wake.

The council knows this as it sends road sweeping lorries along the Esplanade to clean up after the event.

The storms are now more frequent. We have already had two bad ones this August, with many more to come through the autumn and winter months.

The salt water will destroy the meters in no time at all you only need to look at the railings along the Esplanade to see the damage that the salt causes .

And finally, if anyone needs any bedtime reading, try the IW Council Parking Strategy 2016-2021 under “The overarching Aims,” section 1.3 line 2 states: support retail, business and leisure economy.

I rest my case.

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