In the May 29 issue of the County Press you kindly published a poem I’d written called, ‘A cyclist’s ode to safe riding in a troubled time.’

The last verse read:

‘So, car drivers, give us space

Be kind to us and slow your pace

Or else more of us you’ll see

Ending up in A & E!’

Little did I know at the time how prophetic my words would turn out to be so now I’m sending you a letter, written to the unidentified car driver whose thoughtless actions had appalling results.

Dear sir/madam:

As you drove towards Shanklin via Sandford last Sunday morning you would have seen two cyclists ahead of you in single file.

There was a right-hand bend coming up and you needed only to have waited perhaps 30 seconds to make sure that the road ahead was clear before overtaking us.

You couldn’t be bothered to wait so you decided to take a chance. Unfortunately, at that precise moment, a motorist appeared around the bend, coming towards us.

To avoid a head-on collision you swerved, coming straight towards me.

In that split second, I knew that my only chance was to try to move further over but there was a slight kerb there which meant that my bike crashed to the ground and I was flung off and ended up hitting my head against a brick wall.

You could not have avoided seeing this but you drove on regardless.

My husband got off his bike and rushed back to the scene.

Shortly afterwards, a very kind young driver stopped to ask if there was anything he could do to help.

He put my bike in his van and drove me home while my husband pedalled behind.

Once back I realised that my neck was becoming more and more painful so my husband drove me to A & E and I was later admitted to the orthopaedic ward.

The consequences of your dangerous driving are as follows:

• Two nights in hospital for me.

• One CT scan, two X-rays and one MRI scan, requested by Southampton hospital (goodness knows what this cost for the NHS)

• Hospital discharge wearing a surgical collar for the next few weeks to support my fractured neck vertebra

• A painful few weeks while my bruises and abrasions heal

• Further visits to the fracture clinic in the future.

• A replacement bike as mine is badly damaged.

You will almost certainly not read this letter but I hope it may make other drivers think.

What price having to wait for a short time behind cyclists or horse riders for that matter? The Island is a beautiful rural place so slow down and think of other road users.

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