TEENAGE girls at Cowes Enterprise College have been told their skirts are too short — even though they are regulation sizes and the only ones allowed.

At least two students have had messages sent home to their parents, but there are no options to choose a different length of skirt for the correct size waist.

Tall children, or those of a larger build, are finding the skirts come up too short and are then against the school uniform policy.

The school said it was not imposing sanctions but was giving parents time to make the changes needed.

The kilt-style skirts are priced at between £34.95 and £40.95 and no alternative is allowed, except for regulation trousers.

One parent said: "I like uniforms, they look smart, but the price and absolute necessity the school places on young children and parents is beyond shameful.

"I was sent a text about my daughter's skirt being too short.

"We have no spare money and bought her uniform on my overdraft.

"I'm disgusted that during a pandemic, at a time when everyone is skint and emotions are high, uniform is still such a high priority and worth penalising people over.

"My daughter has the largest size skirt, worn correctly. She is tall and wide, the skirt is not.

"I told the school, I don't even have any bread. So if they want her to wear trousers, they can feel free to take her shopping.

"Trousers will be tight on her legs. She would be a laughing stock among her peers.

"Last year we tried trousers and she was placed in isolation because they were too tight. They aren't allowed elasticated waists either, it has to be button and zip.

"Also, at the moment, you can't even try the clothes on."

Another parent said her daughter had the opposite problem, being of slim build, but the same result in that the skirt was deemed too short. She was given a detention.

The mother said: "She came home on the first day back with a detention due to her kilt being too short.

"They only come in one length size, and I don't think it looks too short, it's just above her knee.

"It's not fair that just because she's tall she gets in trouble for it.

"If I got the bigger waist size it would swamp her as she's very slim, but around 5ft 8in tall."

A spokesperson for the academy said: “The high standards we uphold are reflected in all areas of school life. Our uniform policy is an important part of this, ensuring our students look smart and tidy, and have pride in both their appearance and our school.

“At the same time, we are acutely aware of the pressures families are under at this time.

"We have not imposed any sanctions on students who do not have the right uniform, instead providing support to parents and giving them time to address any issues.

"We have also provided financial support where parents can demonstrate they are in need.

"It is only where students have been flouting the rules, such as rolling up skirts to make them shorter, where we have given detentions.

“It is not correct that the right lengths and sizes of skirt are not being sold. Girls are also allowed to wear trousers if they prefer.”