I’M SHOCKED and physically shaking from the road rage of waiting two hours in queuing traffic outside Holiday Inn, Southampton docks, to get into the Red Funnel marshalling yard.

I was asked not to arrive before 7pm for a booked 6pm sailing.

Some IW ferry traffic decided to jump the queue and form a new queue in the middle lane of the highway trying to cut into the existing queue; hence blocking city traffic.

Car horns were hooting, drivers jumping out of their vehicles to ask other drivers blocking the middle of the highway to move and when they didn’t those vehicles were driving on the pavement to pass.

None of the cars, including me, wanted to let the rogue cars into the designated queue.

I was totally fed up watching so many vehicles push in, with me doing the correct thing and getting nowhere.

A red Yaris kept coming towards me trying to push in. Her window was open, so I asked her to drive on and join the queue. I was bombarded with verbal abuse and swearing. It was awful and frightening. I thought she was going to drive into the side of my car on a couple of occasions.

I was still shaking later on the ferry when Red Funnel loudspeaker proceeded to tell us to respect staff and abuse of any kind isn’t tolerated.

I agree with that but what about people like me. I’m a Red Funnel customer but have no protection on the highway outside their marshalling yard.

This was the second day in a row I have had to use the car ferry. Yesterday my sailing left 1.25 pm late; all because one ferry is broken down. Six hours hanging around for a sailing is not acceptable and I hear problems are on going. This is not the first time this year; the car ferries are not fit for purpose.

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