Congratulations IW Council on your revised car parking charges.

You certainly know how to kick a community when it is down.

How much did you pay consultants to come up with the brilliant idea of hitting the private business community, the holiday trade and sports clubs all in one go while they are reeling from the current Covid crisis?

All for the sake of generating another £150,000, which is a mere trifle to an authority which glibly loses around £500,000 on a secret chain ferry operation and refuses to explain how such incompetence occurred.

Look in house at your own money wasting operations large and small.

A few thousand wasted on six week's traffic lights hire and maintenance on Shanklin's Hope Road for an eventual one-day job.

How much for extra staff hired in the last 12 months?

How much for consultants' fees ?

I am sure many other rate payers can add much more to this just started list.

Look at your own efficiency first before penalising an already struggling community with increased car parking.

The holiday trade is already suffering the damage caused by some of the highest ferry fares in the world enforced by a duopoly and the private business community is increasingly finding its customers driven even more to the free parking of out-of-town shopping centres which you are still encouraging to expand.

IW Council think again and think for the struggling business, sports and holiday communities please.

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