As a born and bred Islander who moved away 15 years ago, I am wholly in favour of the promotion and staging of the Diamond Races.

Anything that benefits our beloved Island economically can only be beneficial for the future.

I will be over in March 2021 to compete in the newly established Sandown Sprint ( cancelled this year due to Covid-19) an event involving 100+ high speed competition cars running against the clock on a section of closed public road over two days. I am curious to know how many of the objectors to the Diamond Races were up in arms over this event?

How many hoteliers were objecting to having extra bookings at the beginning of the season?

Looking at the 'anti' brigade, it really is a case of 'not on my front doorstep '.

For goodness sake, let sense prevail and actively promote a new and exciting event. I, for one, will be over to watch, support and spend money on the Island.

Andy Porter, Worthing, West Sussex

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