From Liz Fairclough, Brading:

I notice you are promoting a campaign to get rid of the litter and flytipping that is ruining this beautiful island. Where I live (Brading), I regularly walk the roads with my BAG ( bag and glove).

Lots of people say what a good job I am doing, which is kind, but what we really need is a campaign from a local and influential source such as yourself to get people taking a BAG (bag and glove) out on their walk.

If we all did this once a week, we could really make a difference.

Secondly, the litter is principally plastic bottles and takeaway cups/ boxes etc from KFC/McDonalds etc.

With your influence, could we at least persuade these lucrative businesses to at least sell only reusable cups.

We adapted quickly to no plastic bags - it's all a matter of habit.

My final point is frustration with the council. I have reported flytipping on the Adgestone Quiet Road twice, as each time the amount had increased.

Nothing was done at all and no reply. I walked past today and the pile is exponentially bigger - mattresses, bedroom furniture etc ( the hallmarks of several lazy house clearances).

Please apply your local pressure.

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