Why is it that the IW has no policy on mask/visor wearing in the various restaurants/cafes on the Island?

I believe many don’t have any protection for themselves or customers.

I have visited some places to find staff standing over tables and customers, taking orders/serving food without any masks.

Some staff wear masks but others not...in the same establishments. When I have enquired prior to making a booking,

I am told there is no staff/customer protection because it is not legally required. Where visors are worn instead of masks, they serve little, if any, purpose, if the wearer is standing over the customer taking orders or serving.

We are still dealing with a virus that remains a threat to us all. Complacency will do us nothing but harm.

I think it is reasonable to ask staff to pull up a mask, at least when approaching a table, for the protection of all concerned.

People sitting do not, by and large, pose the same threat as someone standing over you.

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