There has been a floating bridge since 1859, there having previously been a rowing boat ferry from 1720 to 1859.

All the previous vessels have been built locally or within the Solent area.

This one was built in Wales, presumably to the council’s specification.

It would appear this was flawed.

Somebody is responsible for this; somebody is responsible for signing it off.

Who are these people and what are they going to do about it?

Or is it possible that this was built for another location? Since the new floating Bridge No 6 was commissioned in 2017 it has made a loss of £949,784 to May 2020.

Previous floating bridges made a profit and in 2015/16 it made £120,452.

If this was an average profit then up to the end of 2019/2020 it would have made £481,808, instead of the above loss, making the council £1,431,592 better off.

Now, what could they have done with that money? I wonder how many businesses have suffered because of the lack of this service.

For people who have to travel to and from East and West Cowes this means additional road time, adding to the pollution, and longer days due to the time taken for travel, through an already congested Newport. It’s time this was sorted out.

Who will take responsibility?