IT'S BEEN a rubbish year in many ways but now the County Press is teaming up with the Isle of WIght Council to tackle one of the Island's most unappealing sights...its litter problem.

Coronavirus has been the overwhelming concern to all of us but when the shackles started to come off in July, the trash messing up our green and pleasant Island made it that bit worse.

People understandably have been making the most of the summer but some seem to have forgotten something when they went home....their litter.

Now the IW Council, which has been upping its collections from parks and seaside locations, has launched its Bin It for Good! anti-litter campaign in partnership with the County Press.

Isle of Wight County Press: Overflowing bins at Totland. Picture: Ian Gregory.Overflowing bins at Totland. Picture: Ian Gregory.

The key issues we are seeking to address are:

  1. Disposable barbecues.
  2. Glass bottles (often broken)
  3. Disposable personal masks and gloves.
  4. Disposable tableware and takeaway food packaging.
  5. Plastics and PPE into the sea and countryside increasing pollution
  6. Litter in parks, detrimental to wildlife

Litter, particular drinks bottles and cans, which can spread Covid-19. A lot of these increases relate to the coronavirus crisis but the key message is, even if the bins are full, take your rubbish home with you.

Your rubbish is your responsibility and if the bills are full, take it home.

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What we are asking is:

  • Use a bin or walk your waste home when bins are full.
  • Use refillable cups and take your own cutlery to avoid creating disposable litter.
  • Wash up don’t throw out.

Organise litter picks with support from the IW Council. The County Press is organising a photographic competition, to be launched next week, asking people to send us their pictures of ugly litter in beautiful spots...and hopefully pick it up and bin it.

And we want you to send us your pictures of your litter picks...not forgetting your own PPE to minimise any coronavirus risks.Isle of Wight County Press: A bag of beer bottles dumped at Ryde.A bag of beer bottles dumped at Ryde.

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Alan Marriott, editor of the County Press. said: "We at the CP have been appalled by some of the litter we have seen this summer and were considering launching our own campaign.

"But when I heard the IW Council were planning one, I agreed to join forces.

"As someone who has lived on the Island for more than 30 years it breaks my heart to see the Garden Isle despoiled because people are too lazy and inconsiderate to take their rubbish home.

"Let's all work together to make it better. Lots of groups do litter picks on beaches and in the countryside but can you get out there and take home some rubbish.

"Don't put yourselves in danger but do what you can to make the Island clean and green again.

The County Press will be organising its own staff litter pick in the coming weeks and want to hear of any companies, groups or clubs who are doing their own socially distanced sweeps.