NO NEWS is available on the return of the floating bridge — or the cost of the latest works.

The Isle of Wight Council had assured people there would be an update available at the end of August.

The County Press asked today, August 26, whether there was any news on the update, the works, the return into action of the vessel, and how much it has cost.

We specifically asked if it would be back in time for the start of the school term.

A council spokesperson said: "In accordance with the agreed programme, arrangements were made with the shipbuilders and their specialist contractor to remove some of the main components of the hydraulic system including the main drive and auxiliary pumps and motors, so they can be fully examined and inspected, cleaned and repaired in the pump manufacturers workshops.

"This work commenced on Monday, August 10.

"A programme was developed by the shipbuilders to carry out the investigation and remedial works required to enable the vessel to return to service.

"It is planned that by the end of August the cause of the issue will have been fully established, together with the extent of the issue known and a date for completion of the works and return to service.

"Progress on the repairs, and the expected return to service is being closely monitored with the shipbuilder providing regular detailed updates.

"As soon as a definitive date and cost is known for returning to service this will be communicated to the media and key stakeholders and posted on social media."

Nearly 2,000 people have signed a petition calling for an independent investigation into what's happening with the chain ferry.

The launch service for foot passengers will continue to operate from 5am to 11pm Monday to Saturday and 6.30am to 11pm on Sundays.