Re: the A-Level results situation.

What a fiasco!

I simply do not know why, in these unique circumstances, government did not just trust the teachers.

Perhaps even going back to schools in June/July to confirm the predicted grades as being the ones.

OK, there would probably be a bit of grade inflation this year, but so what?

For the vast majority of students, A-levels are not terminal exams and are only used to access the next stage of education.

I have a couple of university degrees from top places and climbed the greasy pole. On no occasion that I can remember, starting with my interview as a VSO volunteer after initial graduation and ending with my interview for my final post as chief executive of the IW Council, being asked for my A level results.

After all, it isn't as if you need the particular required grades to show proven ability to follow your chosen course – it is very largely supply and demand.

For example, a lot of people applying for medical school require 3 As as an initial sift.

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