I read with interest the letter from Laura Laurenson, the media officer of a new ostentatiously named political party: “Our Island”. The party’s website sets out a series of seemingly laudable aims, including a commitment to transparency.

If the latter is the case, why does the website refuse to yet provide the names of “key members and supporters” who are behind Our Island?

Even the posts and comments on Facebook are written as “Our Island”, rather than saying who is behind them. Read Laura Laurenson's letter here. Could this opaqueness be because, according to the Electoral Commission, Our Island’s leader, nominating officer and treasurer are Mr Jonathan Bacon, Mr Jonathan Bacon and Mr Jonathan Bacon respectively? Your correspondent holds the only other role – the non-defined role of “additional officer”.

How Our Island announced its aims.

Disregarding the latter, it does sound largely like a one-man band. I then read with some bemusement that Our Island is calling Isle of Wight politics “pale, male and stale” and wants to shake it up.

Now, forgive me if I’m wrong, but I’m sure Mr Bacon may be at risk of falling into this category. He’s male, looks a little pale, and certainly seemed stale when he resigned as council leader in January 2017 saying he could no longer do the job. Could this baggage, along with Mr Bacon’s track record in office, be the reason why Our Island’s commitment to transparency hasn’t yet extended to disclosing on its website or social media who its leader, nominating officer and treasurer are? Surely what voters want to know is: is Our Island trying to save its own Bacon?

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