Just a few thoughts and observations following the page of anti TT feeling.

Reading these letters one would think that the correspondents speak for most of the people on the Island, this I feel is far from the case.

I live in Shorwell and of the residents here that I have spoken to most are overwhelmingly in favour.

Dr A Martin (CP, 07-08-20) states the narrow lanes are not suitable for fast traffic.

It sounds to me that Dr Martin has not ridden a motorcycle. The roads and lanes around here are eminently suitable for motorcycles.

Read Dr Martin's letter here.

He also states there are no walkways on these roads. This is true but most of the rural roads on the Island do not have walkways, therefore, I cannot understand the point he is making.

Mr Gray states speeding motorcycles will "become a perennial issue"

Surely this is not a problem of the organisers making but a Ppolicing matter, rather than writing to the CP shouldn't he write to the Police and Crime Commissioner. We pay enough in our council tax, so perhaps the PCC should divert more funds to road policing.

And lastly, Mr Gosnell states "there have been 260 deaths in the Manx TT races"

The Manx races started in 1907, so that is over a period of 113 years and includes the Manx Grand Prix. Since the pop festival at Afton in the Sixties, 175 people have died at pop concerts.

People get killed in all sports, cycling, horse riding, skiing, golf and indeed in all sorts of human endeavours. As most people die in bed...might we expect beds to be banned next?

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