From Peter Bingham, Shorwell:

As a former councillor, I understand the need to promote the Island’s tourism industry but the way in which this event has been presented to residents, without local parish council or resident consultation, is nothing short of disgraceful.

There are many concerns but I would like to highlight just a few.

Comparison is made between the Isle of Man TT and the proposed event here.

Our event is to be run by a company set up on July 7, which has no experience; the Isle of Man TT management has years of expertise.

Ours is due to take place in October when leaves are falling from trees and hedgerows and the air is damp making roads slippery even with frequent sweeping; the Manx TT takes place in May when conditions are dryer and leaves are not falling.

Finally, despite many safety precautions, the Manx TT is one of the most dangerous events in the world with 260 deaths of both riders and spectators since it started, with 50 of these occurring since 2000.

Do we really want to match the horrific death toll associated with the Isle of Man TT?

The event is contrary to a number of policy objectives within the council's AONB management plan and by encouraging this event the council is possibly in breach of its statutory duty to protect the area.

Furthermore, the IW Council’s Corporate Plan states clearly in its tourism objectives that “Tourism must be developed in a sustainable way, protecting the environment, and respecting the concerns of local communities”. How can the administration justify this blatant disregard for its own policy objectives?

Altogether this is an idea which has not been thought through and where enthusiasm has overtaken reality.

It is time to drop the idea before it is too late and taxpayer money is squandered chasing economic benefits which may or may not occur and which will chase off the visitors who usually visit in the autumn – the walkers and cyclists seeking the peace for which the Island is famous.

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