On behalf of Our Island we would like to say thank you for all the positive responses and support we have received since going online just under two weeks ago.

At this stage we have just ‘soft launched’ our group (CP, 07-08-20) and a full press launch with more information will take place after the holiday season is over.

However, the level of interest shown already clearly indicates there is an appetite for change, which we hope to help facilitate.

We have received some negative comments, but we knew that would happen and could predict most of them and where they came from.

Indeed we suspect there will be a few on this week’s County Press letters page. However, almost all the negativity has come from those peddling the old system and trying to protect it (and themselves) from change. We are not going to engage with such comments.

We are about a positive approach. The behaviour and wasted energy of these people just underlines the need to get away from such unproductive petty bickering which is one of the key things holding the island back.

Nick Stuart (CP letters, 07-08-20) further illustrated why we need change.

He reported the fact that the IW Council, when discussing the proposed Diamond Races, failed to engage at all with the local parish councils. This is despite the fact that the two Councillors for the area are members of the Council Cabinet and supposedly leading the discussions!

The new approach proposed by Our Island would mean such appalling lack of engagement simply would not happen. In the new system consultation will mean just that. A full informed discussion between both sides where views are listened to, respected and acted upon.

We will only promise what we know we can achieve, but we know we can create a better way of doing things.

We are seeking those of you who, at some point in the last few years, have probably said what a mess things are in and how awful the current politicians are. We want you to come forward and help shape something new.