With regard to the Diamond Races, I draw attention to the IW Council declaration of climate emergency in July 2019 and to the designation of the IW as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

Cllr Steve Hastings said,‘ We now need to act, particularly to reduce carbon from emissions, in order to make it a wonderful place to live work and enjoy now and for generations to come’.

Already, those who oppose the races are being attacked for nimbyism, which is interesting because it’s the opposite.

Nimbyism is pretending that we are not already at the tipping point of climate emergency, pollution and vast species/habitat loss and that we can continue in the old ways of the last few generations, relying on petrol vehicles and destroying habitats.

Opposing such planet destructive events is essential in acting for future generations.

What’s wrong with motor cycle racing in this location? We know the answers:

• Pollution from carbon emissions

• Noise (Already the noise affects the villages and the beaches)

• Safety (At least two fatal motorbike accidents already on this section. It can be terrifying if you’re a cyclist or simply trying to cross the Military Road)

• Tourists who believe the Island is slower and quieter than the mainland coming here for tranquillity, beautiful landscapes, wonderful habitats and outdoor opportunities, especially in the West Wight, will be deterred from coming or returning.

Why does it matter if it’s only three days? The event will affect the West Wight throughout the year. ‘Practice’ has already started, with even more bikes than usual storming along the Military Road and streaming through the villages on narrow roads where there are already issues with speeding and safety. Many local people walk, run, cycle and ride horses through the villages and large farm vehicles use the narrow roads heavily daily.

Please, please don’t go ahead and help to destroy a place so many love.

Lydia Fulleylove


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