I read with disappointment the letter sent in by Dr Alfred Martin (CP letters, 07-08-20) in regard to his concerns about the proposed road race being planned for this great Island and I would like to put my point of view as someone who has attended road racing events in the past.

My belief is that this event would be a fantastic opportunity for the Island, bringing, not only much-needed revenue to the hospitality sector across the Island, but opportunities to the villages involved and the landowners along the circuit, as well as putting the Island back on the world stage.

Sailing no longer is the cash cow it once was for us so we all need to look elsewhere.

People visiting will not only watch the race but will visit many other venues across the Island.

He states the roads are unsuitable for fast traffic, which they are under normal road conditions. However, as the roads will be closed for each race that argument fails immediately. Many roads in the Isle of Man are probably unsafe for high speed riding but they race the TT on them.

The closure of the roads is an inconvenience, not outrageous. They are not closed for four days. They will be shut for three days (two practice and one race day) for a set time each day. Outside these times the roads will be open as normal and between races/practice people will be allowed to cross the circuit under controlled conditions. There will be a large number of well trained marshals (many from the Island, I suspect). Yes, traffic will have to be diverted from their daily routine. God forbid we did something different for three days a year! However, this is no different to the Festival (where one side of Fairlee is shut completely and the path along the river is closed for over a week) , or what will happen for the last stage of the Tour of Britain in 2022 where road closures will happen to let the race take place.

He states that the famous pub is well patronised all year and its car parks are busy at weekends. I can predict, with some certainty that, in mid October, The Three Crowns will be rammed, its beds fully booked and it will all be over in time for locals to get their Sunday roasts.

To allow highly tuned race bikes to operate in a lived in area is not absurd. Look where the Isle of Man TT circuit drives through. It is another inconvenience.

The thing that is absurd is Dr Martin’s suggestion that, once the first year is over they will look to expand the circuit towards Freshwater. This is pure scaremongering on his part and, if he cared to look online, he would see that several circuits were considered (one near Freshwater) but it was this circuit that was chosen.

Far from trying to get this race stopped, he should be embracing this as an opportunity for is village to gain much needed money into the local businesses in and around his village.

The village shops will do a roaring trade in mid-October, which will be most welcome in what is largely out of season. Pubs and campsites will be full, the farmers could make money (selling bales of hay and rental from food stalls on their land).

Yes, it will be an inconvenience, but so was Cowes Week to locals in Cowes. They adapted, many going on holiday and renting their homes for the period.

I would urge Dr Martin to put aside his prejudices and enjoy the spectacle.

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