THE R-rate in the South East of England — which includes the Isle of Wight — has remained the same this week.

It is still on 0.8-1.0, and is in line with England as a whole.

However, the estimates represent the transmission of Covid-19 from several weeks ago due to a time delay between someone being infected and needing healthcare.

Estimates that use more timely data reflecting infections, suggest a higher R for England than shown in the results.

As a result, SAGE does not have confidence that R is currently below 1 in England.

The reproduction number (R) is the average number of secondary infections produced by a single infected person. Experts say the R needs to stay below 1.

As reported earlier, there have been no new coronavirus cases on the Island since Tuesday, July 28. Figures released today shows the Island remains at 423 cases and 83 deaths.