A MAN pulled from a blazing car on Sunday has expressed his gratitude to the emergency services and heroes who helped save his life.

Mally Harris, a builder from Totland, was pulled from his car after it crashed off the road at Bouldnor.

He is recovering in hospital, as is his daughter Asia Harris and her partner Marcus Law, who were also in the vehicle.

Mally said: "I’d like to say a huge thank you to my daughter, her partner and the gentlemen that helped pull me from the burning vehicle on Sunday.

"I’d also like to thank the emergency services for a rapid response time and efficiency, without them all the situation would have been very different.

"Thank you all so much for your prayers, kind words and messages of support. Sorry I am not able to get back to each of you individually.

"I am in safe hands and receiving the treatment I need, thankfully with no life threatening injuries.

"I am looking forward to returning home and seeing you all soon."

Isle of Wight firefighters from Freshwater, Newport and Yarmouth attended the scene of the crash and put out the fire.

Freshwater Fire Station said: "Three adults were assisted from the vehicle by members of the public.

"Fire crews extinguished the fire and assisted Isle of Wight Ambulance and 111 Service with casualty care.

"An excellent example of multiple training disciplines coming into play. We wish all casualties involved a very speedy recovery."