An early forecast by the Isle of Wight Met Service suggests extreme heat may hit the Isle of Wight next week - with temperatures into the mid thirties.

The Island weather site has posted a photo on Facebook - ahead of a more detailed forecast later today (Sunday).

Today, we can expect sunshine with increasing cloud - and even the chance of a shower, according to Jamie Russell, who runs the Isle of Wight Met Service.

But his latest report teases a possible heatwave for next week - and other forecasters appear to agree.

A similar picture of temperatures into the late twenties and early thirties has been posted by UK Weather Forecasts on Facebook.

Current forecasts suggest hot, sunny weather for next week, with temperatures in the mid to late 20s. Could that be about to change?

It comes as the national Met Office warns of increasing evidence of global warming.

It says 2010-2019 was on average 0.9° C warmer across the UK than over the previous 30 years, with 2019 being 1.1° C above the long-term average over those three decades.