BOARDERS at Ryde School have become well acquainted with the faculty's grounds during the past few months, having spent more than 100 days on site as a result of the Covid-19 lockdown.

A total of 20 students were supervised by three adults, and kept entertained by the presence of two French bulldogs for around 15 weeks.

Pupils who remained at the school ranged from ages 11 to 18, and of the 20 students who stayed put, 16 were from outside the UK, with many remaining on the Island as a result of their home countries' borders closing.

Students shared the campus with 'house parents' Carlos and Maria and house mistress Nicola, as well as canine companions, Frankie and Steve, who were excited at the prospect of so much attention from the housemates.

Children were given the responsibility of preparing their own meals, keeping the campus tidy, looking after plants and attending virtual lessons.

Ryde School headmaster, Mark Waldron, said: “Amid a daily dose of depressing news stories, it has been wonderful to see our boarding community of many nationalities grow together in this most English of settings.

"Covid-19 has brought its challenges and tragedies but for our young people, boarding on the Isle of Wight has given them experiences and skills, as well as forging new or deeper friendships, which I am sure they will treasure for the rest of their lives.

"We all have our coronavirus stories, theirs will be precious and unique — the most halcyonic of days.”