TEENAGER Brooke Fleming, who grew up on the Island and attended Northwood Primary and Ryde School, is currently in a new hit television series called The Luna Squad, which can by seen on Amazon Prime.

Due to the lockdown the series was behind schedule but work has now started on completing series one.

The first episode is currently available and the rest will quickly follow.

Brooke, 14, plays Ashley, one of the major roles.

She obtained the part, beating 5,000 other hopefuls.

The story revolves around a group of young people who discover a mysterious map that depicts where a UFO crashed and they seek to find it.

Recently Brooke, with her family, has been staying at her grandparents' home in Seaview.

With the shooting behind schedule she has had to make a few trips back to various filming locations.

The Luna Squad team have also just had a new single released to tie in with the launch of the series. Brooke is one of those featured on the record and promotional events and interviews are planned.

Looking towards her future, Brooke hopes to continue her dream of a showbusiness career by attending a drama school. Already there is the possibility of a film role. Being in a West End musical is one of her dreams for the future.

"I just want to pursue my acting. I am really enjoying it and I'd like to do a lot more in the future," said Brooke. Her biggest influence at present is fast-rising young movie star Millie Bobby Brown.

She is part of a talented local family. Her uncle is popular QVC presenter Charlie Brook, who began his career at IW Radio, and her aunt is former Clothes Show TV model Cathy Brook, who now lives in Portugal. Brooke's parents, Leigh and Tamsin Fleming, give her so much support and encouragement. Tamsin is the sister of Cathy and Charlie.

Brooke has just recorded an appearance on IW Radio's John Hannam Meets, which is available to download from all the leading podcast sites.