An Isle of Wight vineyard's Facebook post offering a pretty sweet deal - wine in return for a day's work - has seen help pour in.

Adgestone Vineyard, near Sandown, said it would swap a couple of bottles of wine for support in getting its vines up to spec after the coronavirus lockdown and furlough.

The post was shared hundreds of times and scores of people turned up to work for free.

The business - which is primarily a farm - says it is 'months behind' due to Covid-19.

Now, volunteers are helping sort out eleven thousand vines, covering 10 acres.

The vineyard produces up to 25,000 bottles of wine a year.

Staff are now back at work, but mostly in the on-site shop, to try to make up for lost sales and to clear the barrels for the next vintage.

Adgestone Vineyard is one of the oldest commercial wine cellars in England and a range of wines are made there.

Owner Russ Broughton told the County Press: "All the vines should be standing up straight and looking nice by now. At the moment, they look like giant spiders. If they are not upright, the sun can't get to them. Then you end up with powdery mildew. One year, we lost 75 per cent of the crop due to mildew."

More help will be needed in September, when the grapes are ready to harvest.