A MOTHER is warning people about the dangers of wearing earphones after her son nearly lost his life after stepping out in front of a car.

Harrison Ellis, 16, is bravely putting his story into the spotlight and his family say he is lucky to be alive after sustaining horrific injuries in the collision on Sandown Road, Lake, on June 25.

He suffered extensive injuries to his elbow, wrist, shoulder, face and head, and was placed in intensive care.

His mother Linzy said: "What I hope to achieve is for people to be more aware of what's around them. For people to start maybe using headphones that go above the ear, so they can still hear environmental sounds."

Isle of Wight County Press:

Harrison's earphones

She said: "Phones should be firmly away when walking, as when driving.

"CCTV apparently shows how quickly Harrison's life could have been swept away. We were lucky but others recently haven't been.

"I urge people to think, headphones off, phones away."

Harrison, of Shanklin, who is off to Platform One Music College in September, had gone out to meet friends after three months of lockdown.

Linzy said: "It was the hottest day of the year so far so, of course, he was wearing a hoody with the hood up!

"He stepped into the road between cars, apparently his usual crossing place, but he was invested in a text message and had music playing.

"Totally unaware, he stepped out beyond the parked cars, straight into oncoming traffic.

"He owes his life to the driver who was sticking to speed limit and is a nurse at St Mary's so was able to give quality first aid.

"He suffered a 3in hole in his head that went all the way to the bone, but miraculously no fracture or brain damage.

"He had glass in the back of his shoulder, a ripped up elbow, a broken clavicle.

"I wouldn't wish our experience on any family. We are lucky he's alive."

Isle of Wight County Press:

Harrison's mum took this distressing photo after the incident.

Isle of Wight Police confirmed the driver was not at fault. She had been driving within the speed limit.

A spokesperson said: "Pedestrians are equally responsible for following the highway code, and this is a plea to all teenagers to not use mobiles or headphones while crossing the road.

"We desperately do not want to be dealing with serious injury matters like this, which can be so avoidable, and want all drivers and road users to be safe and considerate on our roads."