Re the comments about my idea to improve Bembridge Airport (CP online and CP, 24-07-20).

All I wish to do is boost connectivity to the Island for the benefit of those who live and visit there. What is the harm in that?

This, in turn, could boost the economy considerably and provide an alternative choice to the very expensive ferries. By pure coincidence, see all the letters in the same week‘s County Press complaining about the prices. (Not a great advert for the Island).

To everyone who says this is a crazy idea, I actually think it’s crazy that we don’t have an air-link.

Read our original story about Thomas's idea here.

Guernsey, Jersey, the Isle of Man all have non-subsidised flights which are successful. All have smaller populations and with far less to offer. It has become a way of life .

People are saying how expensive it would be. Airports in London often have return flights to many places in Europe for £20 or less. The Island fares may not be as cheap as that but they certainly wouldn’t be as expensive as the car ferries.

£50,000 is a lot of money but there are thousands of businesses on the Island and no doubt thousands of fed up residents and visitors too. I thought some would want to contribute to a study that potentially could transform their island much quicker than a fixed link .

With regard to it being the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever heard. I was similarly ignored when I stupidly suggested the Isle of Wight Council bring the Isle of Wight Festival back when I was on the Cowes Youth Council over 20 years ago...but hey, what do I know?

The final point I want to make is the negativity and criticism by people on the Island (most from people that just don’t like change) is not only holding it back from prosperity but it’s also putting off anyone from trying to think of other solutions.

The only solutions that get put forward are to do with ferries and a fixed link. We haven’t seen any any results from the better ferry campaign. And with regards to a fixed link I’ve waited decades and nothing’s ever happened.

I just hope people realise after reading this that there is no harm in being more positive, otherwise nothing’s ever going to change. Just because you don’t mind or can afford the expensive ferry fares doesn’t mean there aren’t thousands who can’t.

Yes, I live in London. I got fed up with the very unreliable, expensive ferries. I now very happily have the choice to fly to many places in Europe for less than it would cost me to go as far as Southampton or Portsmouth for a few days, if I were still living on the Island.

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