THE Isle of Wight's only retro radio station has returned to the airwaves — on 91.5 FM.

Angel Radio — renowned for playing a variety of music from the 1900s to the 1960s — had previously been on FM radio, only for a slew of technical issues to force a temporary cease in transmission.

The problems began at the end of last year, when various faults developed with almost every part of the transmission equipment.

Bev Webster, Angel Radio IW programmme controller, said: "Each time one fault was repaired another part broke down, it was an absolute nightmare.”

Angel Radio temporarily became an internet only station, until Stuart Vaughan from Direct Systems was able to repair the affected kit at his workshop in Windsor.

Stuart tried to return to the Island with the equipment only for lockdown to prevent him from booking a ferry crossing, meaning the station's FM return was delayed.

Belatedly, he was able to reinstall everything on Friday, July 17, with the team also raising the height of the aerial mast to allow increased coverage.

A spokesperson for Angel Radio said: "We have had to run on pre-recorded programmes during lockdown and now our wonderful presenters are raring to go with live shows to entertain listeners with music and memories.

"All these problems and solutions have come at a terrible cost and emptied our bank account. We have had virtually no income this year.

"As a result, we will be organising a fundraising drive to keep us on air now we are back on FM at last. SOS — Save Our Station!"

Those wishing to find out more or listen online can visit