Most people who took part in a County Press Facebook poll think the government was right to impose a fourteen day quarantine on travellers arriving in the UK from Spain.

Of around 1,700 votes, 77 per cent thought it was the right move.

The remaining 23 per cent felt the decision (announced on Saturday night and implemented on Sunday morning, giving holiday makers and tourism companies only a few hours' notice), was taken too quickly.

Scroll down for advice if you are travelling to the Isle of Wight after arriving in the UK from Spain...

Isle of Wight County Press:

Barbara wrote: "Government had to act fast. We all kept saying they weren’t acting quick enough. They now have time to think about it and then change to possibly a regional area if they want to."

Ian said: "It’s currently a very fluid situation worldwide and the government has to respond and act quickly to protect us. If you choose/can afford to go on holiday during the pandemic, you run the risk of being affected and shouldn’t expect the government to bail you out. Don’t complain, as it’s your decision."

Angie wrote: "I still think it should be regionally based. Would they apply a quarantine to the whole of the USA if there was just an outbreak in LA? Would Scotland want to be subjected to the same treatment as London? This virus could be around for some time. The government needs to work a bit harder on the precedents it sets to move forward successfully."

Isle of Wight Ferries 

Meanwhile, Isle of Wight cross-Solent operators Red Funnel, Wightlink and Hovertravel have jointly issued instructions to people coming to the Isle of Wight after arriving from Spain.

Quarantining passengers must travel by car and notify the relevant cross-Solent operator 48 hours ahead of travel that they need to stay in their car due to quarantining.

Read the story in full: Guidance for Islanders returning from Spain and countries not part of the travel corridor