I very much empathise with your columnist Rebecca Roncoroni's plight: ‘Noise and tranquillity should be respected’, in the County Press on July 24 2020.

Two weeks ago my wife and I sat in our garden on a sunny Sunday morning to relax after a stressful week.

Particularly for my wife, a front-line NHS employee.

Read Rebecca Roncoroni's column here.

Within minutes, a high-decibel chain saw revved up a few metres away in my neighbour’s garden.

After 15 minutes of sheer hell, (tantamount to a helicopter about to take off) I called out to the perpetrator that the use of an industrial tools on Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday was, in fact, illegal. The noise stopped.

I can’t guarantee that leaf blowers, lawnmowers, etc fall into this category.

Perhaps Ms Roncoroni will consider following up with an article on all ‘carcinogenic’ bonfire nuisance... As the UK has the highest number of child asthma deaths in Europe. I am sure this is due to air pollution.

The attached photo shows a neighbour’s bonfire ablaze at 5.49 am.

In this age of environmental awareness — a common-sense law, banning all bonfires in residential areas, is long overdue.

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