Last Friday evening at Freshwater Bay, high drama evolved yet again, with police cars and coastguards in their vehicles racing from the Military Road and driving up to Tennyson Down.

A small Freshwater inshore lifeboat launched into the rough, murky, evening seas, all very stressful and dangerous, as we later found out, as a beautiful dog went over the down's edge.

Heartbreaking, stressful, tragic and so unnecessary.

Read about the dog falling over the edge here.

I know, and understand, we can’t prevent every death, whether it’s an animal or a human being, these things happen.

But surely the National Trust, with assistance from charities, councils, volunteer armies, the public, or even the government could all work together to create a simple closed-cross fencing along the entire edges.

It doesn’t have to even be electric, a practical sturdy barrier, something that could be moveable if needed?

It might just stop an animal or a person from slipping or going over the edges.

I fully understand about limited budgets, funding, the scale of taking something on, l understand about the erosion of the majestic cliffs but surely something could be set up to start/ finish this piece of work?

Or is it even being considered as a priority?

How much did this one call out last Friday cost? People being paid, volunteering, people's time, energies, stresses.

Something must be done about it.

Let us share the responsibility, with the lead coming from the National Trust and our MP, councillors, parishioners crowdfunding etc.

We all love and enjoy this fantastic Island, so can we not make our cliff edges safer for all?

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