Letter to the Editor....

Nirvana via a fixed link? Who is smoking a noxious weed?

In the real world: the following things would happen.

1. investment bankers funding the construction would escalate return prices until they reached the magic “what the market will bear figure”.

2. the fiscal incompetence of the government will affect the future bond market and thus make construction costs even more expensive.

3. Unless the government institutes Scotland’s Road Equivalent Tariff (RET), the Island will continue to be ransomed by the ferry companies for the foreseeable future.

4. And it will get worse! Mainland baby boomers will convert the inflated prices they get for mainland properties and buy up Island properties increasing the number of second-homers on the Island and the spreading of Covid 19 via public transport services.

5. Perhaps it is now time for charges to be levied on all vehicles displaying non-HW index plates?

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