I have to admit that, when the lockdown was first announced, and there was much talk about society pulling together, and ensuring that the most vulnerable should not suffer, I reacted with a measure of scepticism.

I have been forced to eat humble pie, however, since the Isle of Wight Council has been true to its word in keeping in touch with those of us who have had a letter from the NHS, informing us that we are more vulnerable than most owing to an underlying health condition.

I have been called regularly by a council representative, checking whether I have sufficient food and medication.

Fortunately, I have, but the council emergency number was written on the notepad by my telephone in case I should ever need it, and I have been very pleased to receive the regular call.

The calls are now coming to an end, as everyone is far more able to move about and fend for themselves, but I'm sure that I'm not the only one contacted who will forever be grateful to those volunteers who have manned the council help line, and assured us that someone, at least, hadn't forgotten us.

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