After reading your article about Wightlink (CP, 17-07-20) we have to say we agree with everything said about their exorbitant prices.

Unfortunately though it's not just the cost involved, it's also the very poor service that we have to put up with.

We feel especially in the last couple of years the service offered has become more and more unreliable and communication is very poor.

For example, ferry crossings being cancelled without notifying us or being changed from Portsmouth to Yarmouth, or Fishbourne to Yarmouth with very little notice.

In fact, we once drove all the way from Shanklin to Yarmouth only to be told on arrival that the ferries there had been cancelled, so we then had to drive all the way back to Fishbourne.

Following the fires on the Yarmouth boats they are still not running on all engines, the slightest bit of wind and the whole service is cancelled.

Often the lifts and the toilets are out of action.

Last week we travelled back from Portsmouth on Victoria of Wight. On arrival at Portsmouth the information boards said there were no delays, which was a lie as when we checked in we were told our sailing would be at least half an hour late, none of the staff wore face masks.

It was the first day of passengers having to leave their cars, it was an absolute shambles, social distancing was impossible.

At the start of the crossing a member of staff was telling everyone they must cover their noses as well as their mouths, but within a few minutes hardly anyone had their masks on as they were eating, drinking or talking on the phone, and all the staff had disappeared.

Then, to top it all, after a few minutes of leaving Portsmouth they announced all the toilets were blocked.

This ship had been running for months with hardly anyone using the toilets so how could they all be blocked on the first day of normal travel?

For the amount we pay Wightlink we definitely deserve much better ships and a much more efficient service.

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