FROM today (Friday, July 24) it is now compulsory to wear a face covering in any public enclosed space.

This means in a shop, supermarket, bank, post office and more — even Red Funnel and Wightlink ferry terminals — you must wear a face covering as the government takes further steps to help stop the spread of the coronavirus.

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It was already mandatory to wear a face covering on public transport.

When buying food and drinks from cafes to take away, members of the public will need to wear a mask, but not if you are siting down to consume the items.

Face coverings can be anything — from a mask to fabric covering, scarf or bandana — that covers the nose and mouth but should be worn as well as frequent hand washing and social distancing.

It is not mandatory, however, for anyone under the age of 11 and those with disabilities or certain health conditions, such as respiratory or cognitive impairments.

If a venue has measures in place to protect its staff and other patrons from Covid-19, including pubs, hairdressers, gyms and cinemas, it will also not be mandatory to wear a face covering.

Anyone who does not follow the regulations, and is not exempt, could face a fine by the police of up to £100 but police say this will only be enforced as a last resort.

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