We live in a very beautiful rural location on the north east corner of Parkhurst Forest at Hillis Gate.

In normal times it is a Mecca for dog walkers, bird watchers and families who want to walk or cycle in the green tranquillity of the forest, so there are constantly cars parked in the road, with people coming and going.

With the exodus into green space during this pandemic the massive increase in the number of cars parked has been noticeable and unfortunately among the dog walkers and green space seekers there are a few shifty-eyed, light-fingered unwelcome visitors.

We're both in the over 70 age group so have been sheilding at home and for three months my car has been parked in the road under the trees and the only time it's been used is when I head up to collect some eggs at Marks Corner. I would normally walk but due to a cancelled hip replacement operation I am not able to.

During the three months parked under trees, my silver grey Peugeot Partner took on a pale green sheen as the lichen got established and it possibly started to look 'abandoned'.

So last week when I went to drive up the hill I suddenly noticed that all of my wheel trims had been removed — perhaps I should be grateful that they hadn't removed the wheels as well.

Perhaps they had intended to come back for those.

The week before that the sturdy and obviously very useful black bin we put our glass jars and bottles in for recycling went missing.

Just how low can you get to pinch from OAPs?

If by any chance the perpetrator of these heinous crimes is reading the CP please take note — you've pinched wheel trims from a grey-haired crippled granny so I hope your wheels fall off.

Get a life and just enjoy the countryside without eyeing up opportunities to pilfer.