In response to letters about building on farmland, (CP, 17-07-20), the Island has sufficient land to produce food for a population of at least 150,000 people (not far away).

If the so-called ‘developers’ have their way, there will be an even greater number of people.

We must not allow farmland to be sacrificed for sprawling estates.

We do not know what the future of global food supply might hold. The supermarkets are already buying from farther away than ever before using business models which are unsustainable.

If a farm goes out of business, any arable land should be left fallow until a new owner or tenant can be found.

Dairy farms could be left as grassland for the same reason. Perhaps our MP could take this idea to parliament but I won’t hold my breath on that one.

And in the case of Westridge Farm, What right have the IW Council, our supposed representatives, to deprive people of their livelihood?

A ban on building on farmland should be the subject of a national law.

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