I boarded a number 3 bus on June 26 wearing a mask and witnessed a shameful incident.

A man without a face mask got on the bus and started haranguing the driver.

He produced a letter from some authority apparently stating face masks were not compulsory and threatening to register a complaint against the driver.

The man then left the bus before appearing again and standing in front of the driver and taking a photo of the driver.. He then came inside the bus and went upstairs.

Anyone who has used the buses regularly knows how disruptive this virus had been and drivers have had to continually change work patterns and face extra questions about timetables etc.

Our Island drivers are considerate and fair and I was told by another passenger that this particular driver was one of the nicest.

He had to drive a difficult route, around hairpin bends in Ventnor after being threatened...that is unacceptable.

The message about masks on public transport needs to be clear. The day before, Wightlink (car ferries), who I can only praise for their helpful behaviour, made it clear masks were compulsory on all public transport.

It is time our key working bus drivers had a little more protection from idiotic and threatening passengers.

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