RYDE Inshore Rescue was called to a yacht off Lee on Solent which had suffered an overheating engine last night (Monday).

The ten-metre vessel was en route to Hamble Point Marina from Eastbourne and suffered an overheating engine due to a failure in its water pump.

A spokesperson for Ryde Inshore Rescue said: "They called a Pan Pan nice and early, as the skipper knew he would have problems making his way into Hamble River and to get onto his pontoon without an engine.

Isle of Wight County Press:

"Our coxswain decided, as they were under sail, to escort them up Southampton water until we got near Hamble River.

"We then took them on a hip tow up the river and put them onto their mooring.

"That was not the easiest of tasks to do with an ebbing tide, wind gusting force 5-6 and rain.

Isle of Wight County Press:

"With the yacht safe and the skipper and two crew glad to be on dry land after 12 hours at sea, we returned to base, washed down and made ready for our next callout."